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WORKBASKET Magazine – September 1951 – Volume 16 Number 12


The Workbasket Home and Needlecraft for Pleasure and Profit. September 1951

Home and Needlecraft For Pleasure and Profit

Volume 16     2992 September 1951     Number 12

Ideas for the Bazaar, the Home, Gifts, Sparetime Money Makers, with Many Articles, Easily Made and Inexpensive, that find a Ready Sale.


Cardigan In Crochet



Cardigan In Crochet As Shown On Front Cover. –  Download PDF Cardigan In Crochet Pattern HERE



Baby Ensemble Knit Pattern


Baby Ensemble Knitting Pattern – Download PDF Knit Baby Ensemble Pattern HERE




Tatted Edges



Tatted Edges Tatting Pattern – Download PDF for Tatted Edges HERE



Textile Painting Vintage Photo



Textile Painting Trio – Article



Sachets in Crochet Pattern Free Download



Sachets In Crochet – Download PDF of Sachets In Crochet HERE



Crochet Flower Edged Pan Holder



Flower Edged Pan Holder – Download PDF Flower Edged Pan Holder HERE



Women Who Make Cents Vintage Article



Women Who Make Cents – Novel Tallies – Bouquets for Months to Come – Stenciling To Order



Aunt Ellen's Club


Aunt Ellen’s Club Notes – What Clubs Are Doing – Roll Call Suggestions – Program Suggestions (Brined or Cured Cucumbers) – Recreational Hour (Hat Parade & State Bird Quiz)



With The Cooks Vintage Recipes


With The Cooks – Spiced Vinegar for Sour Pickles – Spiced Vinegar for Sweet Pickles – Open Sandwiches – Deviled Eggs – What Causes Poor Jelly? – Extracting Juice for Jelly Download PDF for With The Cooks Here



Flower and Garden Forum


Flower and Garden Forum- Begonia – Geranium – Sow Bugs (DDT) – Blue Clematis – Peony – Tulips – Cactus



Leathercraft – Article

Opportunities Knock – Classified Advertisements

Missing Pages 45-48

Sewing Facings via SewDangCrafty



Facings – Download PDF of Sewing Facings HERE



Doily In Crochet Tatting Effect via Sew Dang Crafty



Doily In Crochet – Tatting Effect – Download PDF of Doily In Crochet – Tatting Effect HERE



Knitted Rug Vintage Pattern via Sew Dang Crafty



Knitted Rug – Download PDF of Knitted Rug HERE



Book Review Workbasket Vintage Magazine via Sew Dang Crafty


Basket of Books – “Be Your Own Hair Stylist” by Victor Vito



Noteworthy Advertisements

Style Parade Pattern Advertisement

Mystery Fish Bowl Vintage Advertisement



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