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Workbasket Vintage Crochet Knitting Patterns ad Crafts

WORKBASKET Magazine – January 1951 – Volume 16 Number 4


Workbasket Vintage Crochet Knitting Patterns ad Crafts


Home and Needlecraft For Pleasure and Profit

Volume 16     2984 January 1951     Number 4

Ideas for the Bazaar, the Home, Gifts, Sparetime Money Makers, with Many Articles, Easily Made and Inexpensive, that find a Ready Sale.

How To Make Artificial Flowers That Are Different – Dish Mats – Crocheted Rug – Tatted Edges – Decorative Party Sugar Cubes – Crocheted Flower Edge Doily – Fashion A Hand Knit Blouse


Knitted Shawl Vintage Pattern


Knitted Shawl As Shown On Front Cover. – Download PDF of Knitted Shawl HERE




Leaf Hot Dish Crochet Vintage Pattern


Leaf Hot Dish Mat Crochet Pattern  – Download PDF of Leaf Hot Dish Mat HERE




Geometric Two Tone Scarf Vintage Crochet Pattern


Geometric Two-Tone Scarf Crochet Pattern – Download PDF of Geometric Two-Tone Scarf HERE




Salt and Starch Artist – Flower Making with Salt and Starch Article

Violet Doily Crochet Pattern


Violet Doily Crochet Pattern – Download PDF of Violet Doily HERE




Men's Loafer Socks Vintage Knitting Pattern


Men’s Loafer Socks Knitting Pattern – Download PDF of Men’s Loafer Socks HERE




Women Who Make Cents Vintage Article


Women Who Make Cents – Baby Bonnets From Handkerchiefs – Draw String Bags – Embroidering Pictures – Bottle Cap Door Mats



Aunt Ellen's Club


Aunt Ellen’s Club Notes – What Clubs Are Doing – Roll Call Suggestions – (Scrapbooks) – Recreation Hour – (A Penny For Your Thoughts, Calendar Museum, Wills)



Meet The “Apron Lady” – Article

Men's Loafer Socks Vintage Knitting Pattern


Bed Doll with Pajama Pouch – Download PDF of Bed Doll with Pajama Pouch HERE




With The Cooks Vintage Recipes


With The Cooks – One Loaf of Bread – Points in Judging Bread – Common Faults in Bread Making – Ice Box Rolls – Muffins – Download PDF of With The Cooks HERE



Crocheted Dresser Table Scarf


Crocheted Scarf – Download PDF of Crochet Scarf HERE




Flower and Garden Forum


Flower and Garden Forum – Dahlias – Geraniums –  Watering Plants – Tomato Plants – Poinsettia – Chrysanthemums



Shell Doily In Crocheting Vintage Crochet Pattern


Shell Doily In Crocheting – Download PDF of Shell Doily In Crocheting HERE




Knitted Insertion Vintage Knitting Pattern


Knitted Insertion – Download PDF of Knitted Insertion HERE




Knitted Lace Vintage Knitting Pattern


Knitted Lace – Download PDF of Knitted Lace HERE




Collar or Doily Tatted Edge Vintage Pattern


Collar or Doily Tatted Edge – Download PDF of Collar or Doily Tatted Edge HERE




Crochet Edge Vintage Pattern


Crochet Edge – Download PDF of Crochet Edge HERE




Opportunities Knock – Classified Advertisements

Fun and Fancy Crochet Doily


Fun and Fancy Crochet Doily – Download PDF of Fun and Fancy Doily HERE




Dressing Up Sugar Cubes – Craft Project Article

Colorful Pan Holder Set Vintage Crochet Pattern


Colorful Pan Holder Set – Download PDF of Colorful Pan Holder Set HERE




Loop Stitch Fringe Rug Vintage Pattern


Loop Stitch Fringed Rug – Download PDF of Loop Stitch Fringed Rug HERE




Knit Blouse Vintage Knitting Pattern


Knit Blouse – Download PDF of Knit Blouse HERE




Crochet a Smart Hat Vintage Crochet Pattern


Crochet a Smart Hat – Download PDF for Crochet a Smart Hat HERE




Missing Pages 72-74

That Touch of Glitter Vintage Pattern f


That Touch of Glitter – Download PDF of That Touch of Glitter HERE




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