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Workbasket Magazine

Aunt Martha’s The Workbasket Magazine

Workbasket crochet craft knit patterns free vintage magazine

Aunt Martha’s, “The Workbasket” magazine, has been my cherished magazine since I as a little girl.  I spent hours devouring every page of my grandmother’s Workbasket stash.  Every month, starting in October 1935, Workbasket was filled with craft, crochet, knitting, and other wonderful ways women could make a little extra money for their handiwork.

I love to share the things I love the most with hope that it will bring others just as much enjoyment.  Unless noted otherwise, all items I share are from my personal collection.

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Unless otherwise noted, all projects and patterns are my intellectual property, and/or from my personal collection. Feel free to use and link back to my patterns.  Please do not copy, post, re-publish, or sale these patterns or pictures and claim it as your own. Thank you.
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I am just a day dreaming girl who names her sewing machines and frequently finds herself lost in the Land of Crafts, Crochet, and Vintage Sewing.